Trends in Preparing Your Dallas Wedding


There are constantly new ideas that come into style. Some tendencies have more staying power than many others. As a Dallas wedding planner I visit many trends come and go in one season, but some become a part of the collective notion of what a gorgeous wedding ought to be.

Wedding Logos

1 interesting trend being seen more frequently is a dallas event venue used on cakes, invitations, napkins, as well as monogrammed guest favors. Normally an intriguing blend of the initials of the bride and groom, however other symbols may be used. The usage of a wedding symbol can help make a unifying element that joins otherwise different items collectively.

Hot Colors

Every year appears to bring a fresh pair of hot colours for weddings. Sometimes it is the absence of colour that sets the tendency, like black bridesmaids dresses using a single dash of colour in a blossom or other little element. This choice makes for a tasteful black & white motif throughout the wedding celebration. Since not all colours look great on all folks, saving the bold splashes of colour for your reception decorations can be an superb option.

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Some couples choose to split the celebration of the marriage by assisting others. This is particularly true of couples getting married later in life after with an already well recognized home life. Rather than getting another toaster that they do not want, some couples elect to have well wishers make contributions to a particular group or business that’s valuable to the wedding couple. Possibly a medical base that concentrates on something a loved one or friend is operating through, or maybe the volunteer organization at which the happy couple met or worked together.

Signature Drinks

Another component which may function as”something new” at a marriage is a touch beverage. A version of a traditional beverage like an Apple Martini or Cranberry Cosmopolitan will help establish a particular ambiance or disposition for the evening parties. Occasionally it is a specific kind of wine or other libation that’s the signature. There are several wineries and wine vendors that focus on personalized label wines.

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Among the most fascinating new trends in weddings would be using accent lighting. An otherwise demure wedding reception could be turned into very striking with custom light, or a otherwise big impersonal hall more cozy and intimate. Most reception centers can accommodate complex lighting and may also provide suggestions on which works nicely in their area. This is the point where the wedding symbol projected on the dance floor or daring colours splashed with light round the reception room really can produce the space distinctively concerning the happy pair. It’s also a fantastic idea to utilize light to draw guests focus to another signature components of the weddingsuch as highlighting the buffet, cake, or big floral arrangements.


Finding that ideal balance predicated of a couple’s personal style and preference is sometimes harder than you may imagine. Seeing the joy and happiness of the bride and groom once we locate the ideal mixture of signature components makes the challenge values all of the time and energy. Not every fashion is for each wedding, but some of these blended in the ideal manner can make your wedding unique and something to reminisce about for many years to come.