How you can Make A Cat Tree and Save Money

Perhaps you have always wanted to understand how to create a cat climbing tree? If you are like me you’ve since you watched one of these oh so trendy kitty”Jungle Jims” at the pet shop and thought to yourself just how much pleasure your cats could have on them just to tease when you heard just how much they cost.

Yep, until lately that was me. I wanted to have one of these exceptional cat condos for my own kitty Lelu. They would have so much fun climbing up, climbing down and zipping sideways. Jumping off the surface, extending and scratching and flopping down in just the ideal height that you provide them a fantastic rubbing once you walk . But the majority of all of the cat tree could permit them to perch near the peak of the planet. Safe and comfortable to examine their kitty kingdom.

However, with price tags in the hundreds of dollars it simply was not possible. You think I’m joking about the cost? Frankly, even online the rates are terrifying. There is this 1 cat tree which looks like a bean stalk, it is nearly $900! The very ordinary looking cat furniture may run you a few hundred bucks plus shipping.

Do not get me wrong, this cat furniture is amazing and nicely constructed but much as I really like my cats it is simply not in the domain of reality only now. Seriously, who is able to pay that much for something the cats should split?

cat climbing tree

I presumed my furry buddies would only have to contend with the rug I’d attached to the wall as cat scratching post and keep to scale on me rather. . .LOL.

My daughter and I made a decision to learn how to earn a kitty tree . We knew we did not need to reinvent the wheel or squander a great deal of cash on trial and error so we hunted around and got a few of the very best cat tree plans possible.

Not to brag but that was a very good find (cheap too) and helped assisted us to specify what we wanted and get it created using a minimum of fuss and cost.

My buddy (who will stay nameless or I’ll be in trouble:-RRB- thought I was nuts for purchasing plans for this particular project. He believed we ought to simply wing it. But ultimately even he had to acknowledge the cat tree programs were a HUGE Help! They turned into a fun family project for the daughter and me rather than a large hassle. And we have an expert looking cat tree to get a very small fraction of the cost we would have had to pay if we had purchased a ready made . “Score!!!”

Now seeing the Lelu on the cat tree is really a burst. She has to scale, scratch and hang to her hearts content as well as also my furniture (and curtains) are secure. We’re even planning to generate a cat tree or two for our neighborhood”No Kill” animal refuge.