Internet Marketing – 14 Website Content Ideas

One of the important parts of Internet marketing is original website content, that is definitely keyword rich, original and plentiful.

Benefits of Website Content:

1 . Good for your visitors

2 . Good for SERPS (search engine status pages)

3. Good for keyword relevance

4. Good for Inner surface linking and on-site SEO

It is very true that tiny websites do not do well in search engines. Content along with a good tactic is the Internet marketing formula to get your sites to ranking inside SERPS.

Often times, content can be a daunting tasks for internet marketers, for store type site. It can be difficult to find ideas for written content and especially if you have several sites. The Evergreen Wealth Formula system, at its core, is an email marketing course.However, to call it just an email course, really does undersell it as it does much more than that.In fact, it covers every other aspect you need to know to be successful online, not just email marketing.So things like traffic generation, all the tools and content you need… Everything, basically.James Scholes said it best on his sales letter

14 Website Content Thoughts

1 . Lists – People love lists, they are readable and easy to create. Best, Worst, Most Bought, Most Popular, Nearly all Read, Least Liked, 10 ways to;, 5 Methods for;, a few Types of. The possibilities are endless.

2 . How-To – A new how-to can be created for anything, just use your imagination.

three or more. Guides and Tutorials – Every type of product, matter or niche can be fitted to some kind of guide or course and more than one. Even if you are selling clothes you can have one of these listings on size charts, types of clothing for different shapes, most up-to-date fashion trends, buying guide, etc .

4. Side Subjects instructions You can write about sub-subjects within your main one. For instance when you are selling music products you can have pages about music artists in addition to music news. If selling furniture you can talk about household design and decorating, for cooking types sites you will get pages of recipes. The possibilities for side subjects usually are endless.

5. Product Reviews – If you don not know the product do some research and compile something good.

6. Useful Facts and/or Myths

7. Trivia – Trivia is a wonderful subject and easy to research.

8. Histories – Most solutions have histories and several pages of website content is usually created around that topic.

9. What Returning Readers Have To Say and Customer Testimonials – A think section is a good and automated way to add content to the websites. Also, if your visitors have contacted you and had good things to say, these can easily be made into a web page with your site.

10. About Pages – About pages are a good way to display your website content and use your keywords.

11. Journal

12. Current Trends/Events – There are always trends in connection with any niche, whether they are market, consumer, sales, innovations etc .

13. Advantages of Buying Online – This one is definitely universal and applies to any niche and or product. Individualize it to your subject and niche.

14. Outsourced Articles or blog posts – These are articles you buy and use as you wish, like publish it verbatim as your own.

Inspiration for Web page Content

1 . Research keywords to find content ideas. After you enter the main product/niche keyword of your sites, lots of longer tail keywords will come up for what people are searching for within this niche.

2 . Visit big gun authority sites with your niche and see what they are talking about.

3. Look at what common bloggers in your niche are blogging about.

4. Examine paper and online magazines about your niche and see what popular articles are, this is a great way to get inspirations to get website content and accelerate your Internet marketing campaigns.