5 Quick Elements That Sharpen Your Email Marketing

Who among us isn’t a harried business person in search of proven, easy-to-execute marketing formulas? For example, a clearcut system for writing emails to a list.

Unfortunately, too many variables go into an email campaign to make a one-size-fits-all strategy possible.

Depending on product and market–what works for one business could fall flat for another.

It also depends on whether the list is made up of existing customers-or those who never bought from you before.

If there’s any formula to be had it’s this: it takes roughly 7 emails to warm up an interested prospect enough to turn them into a customer.

A general rule of thumb is to provide interesting and relevant information in these longer campaigns. It’s not so much a hard sell as it is building a relationship with people who are not yet customers. Remember though–it still depends on your market and your offer.

While there are no cookie cutter email marketing solutions-the following are 5 elements that work in any kind of e-marketing-from a single buy-it-now offer to a 7-series autoresponder campaign.

1. Grab attention in the subject field of the email. This could mean using curiosity, asking a question, or making a bold promise (i.e., Free restaurant coupon on your birthday…for life!)

2. Let your personality come through. If you’re sending emails to your list time after time…shouldn’t there be some kind of human connection? The bottom line is that people buy from those they know and like.

3. If you’re going to have a personal touch–don’t abandon professionalism. Unless you brand yourself as a politically incorrect jerk–be careful with sarcasm, lewdness–or referring to people, places & events etc that may fly over the reader’s head.

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In other words, know your audience.

4. If you use graphics in your email…consider having a caption underneath. The eye is naturally drawn to visuals, but pictures alone don’t sell. Say something relevant without looking like your’re reaching for their wallet.

5. Consider sending out emails from time-to-time that are not offers. Hold a contest-or offer something free to the first 10 respondents. Alternatively, contact your list with current news that relates to what you sell (and will be of interest to them).

A well thought out e-marketing campaign is a powerful way to stay on people’s radar-and get them to buy from you. It’s most effective, however, when you move beyond pure selling and build rapport.

If you use these 5 pointers in your next email marketing campaign-at the very least it will get you thinking (and acting) differently about the way you interact with customers.