As girls, we develop longing for long, luscious hair. We saw Disney movies filled with Princesses with tresses tumbling down stairs and we had been convinced that amazing hair was the solution to a fantastic life.

…Then we climbed up.

Possessing good hair is definitely a plus but we had been duped into thinking as little women, perfectly flowing locks is far from fact. Let us talk divide ends, frizz, and a deficiency in length, will we? Luckily we grew up in an age where a remedy is obviously right around the corner and this alternative is tape-in micro loop juuksepikendused.

What are Tape In Hair Extensions?

Therefore, what are such gorgeous strips of hair which have taken within the beauty industry? Tape in extensions are similar to all of the rest. They are a much healthier and safer choice to hair extensions which don’t place plenty of strain in your scalp. Instead of stitching strips of hair in your roots or tacking hair extensions with some poisonous glue, you are simply sticking them like a decal — a very, powerful, non-toxic, durable sticker!

micro loop juuksepikendused

Tape in hair extensions are made to provide a natural, flawless look and texture. They are partially-permanent, which means that you do not need to attach them each morning nor do you need to devote to them for an whole calendar year. They continue about 5-6 weeks on average but with appropriate care and hair maintenance, it is possible to stone tape-in hair extensions for up to 2 weeks. Therefore, what’s the key? We have got it.

Brush your Tape in Hair Extensions Properly

While brushing your hair looks like such a simple, dull job, it is actually a whole lot more complicated than you could think. This is particularly true when sporting tape in extensions. Here are some items to consider next time you brush your tape into tresses:

Brush your extensions at least two times per day (morning and night).
Brush hair prior to the shower since it becomes weaker when wet.
Brush in the ground up to discourage tangles, pulling, and anxiety.
Always use a hair extension brush
Place Importance on your Daily Hair Regime
Besides cleaning, there are lots of additional things that you can do to create your tape-in hair extensions survive more.

micro loop juuksepikendused

Use appropriate, premium hair care products.
Use a depart in affliction to discourage tangles.
Shower regularly (yes, you are able to shower and float with tape-in extensions).
Avoid approximately scrubbing the strips of extensions when massaging.
Condition from mid-shaft down rather than in your origins.
Never sleeping with moist tape in hair extensions.
Use protectant spray when styling hot iron gear.
Never use a hot iron onto the tape .
Touch Up Your Tresses
You do not need to touch up tape-in extensions that is among the best advantages. But if you would like to make them survive more than the ordinary time, then there are a number of things you can do in order to get them up across the way. After all, your own hair is not likely to stop climbing so that the more time you’ve got your tape in extensions, the longer touch ups you ought to do.

Reapply tape strips when extensions grow from the origins.
Pretty tape strips together every day.
Use dry shampoo when needing a pick-me-up whirlpool bathtub.
While keeping tape-in hair extensions is extremely simple, these hair care tips will make them last longer. Consequently, if you would like them for more than 5-6 months (and who does not?) , this really is the means to do it.

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