Using Eyelash Conditioner or Eyelash Serum to Get Your Lashes to Grow Back

Taking care of our lashes is no different than taking care of our hair. We utilize mask, conditioners, and serums to lengthen and strengthen our hair why wouldn’t we do the exact same for our lashes, after all we can be quite tough on our lashes. We employ and remove mascara day after day. Only the removing of lashes can be very hard on our lashes. Not just that but trying to get longer fuller lashes we may use false or fake eyelashes. Eliminating false lashes can also remove our natural lashes leaving us with less and not as eyelashes. What can we do to get our lashes to grow back more and more powerful. We will need to look after them.

You have likely have seen the Brook Shield commercials for Latisse. The commercial reveal their product can give us fuller and more lashes in fourteen days. The start of the Latisse product came about following patients that were using Allergan, a prescription for IOP began reporting that they had been growing dark fuller and longer lashes. Allergan then began to examine the components to target growing eyelashes. It’s believed that Latisse increases the eyelashes grown by raising the development phase cycle. Our lashes, just like any of the hair on our body moves through a growth cycle. The Anagen stage is the point when our eyelashes are in fact growing. If the anagen stage can be raised then the amount of eyelashes can also increase.

The clinical trials of Latisse showed that 25 percent of patients see an increase in the period of their eyelashes, 106% increase in the thickness and 18% increase in feces darkness.

For Latisse you have to receive a prescription from your doctor. This can be an ophthalmologist or a dermatologist. Be sure that they are mindful of the medications you are taking. There are some side effects so make sure you talk about them with your physician.

Can you only get more thicker lashes by getting a prescription for an eyelash biloba?

Actually no. There are many out laser products out there which can be quite beneficial to our lashes. You are able to get eyelash serums online or from your local drug stores. There are also many home treatments that have been suggested to assist lengthen our lashes.

How can we use eyelash conditioner or serums?

The eyelash conditioners and eyelash serums are applied to clean eyelashes that are free from any other makeup. The products is applied before bedtime and left on overnight.

The outcomes of the products do vary from person to person. Some see no consequences at all and some see extreme outcomes. The quantity of time it takes to acquire fuller longer lashes can also vary. Some say they’ve gotten results in as little as two weeks. Latisse asserts you could get more than double lash fullness in fourteen days. Before buying a eyelash conditioner or ointment make sure to do your research and check out what other people have to say about the products.