Top 10 Signs That You Are in the Friend Zone

1 ) “You Know What… You Are Like A Brother To Me. ”

Your current aim was a relationship yet you ended up getting into the very Friend Zone… In fact you have delved so deep to the Friend Zone that you became a “Brother”

If you ever notice these words then congratulations for you are the officially the main “King Of The Friend Zone! However , on a serious take note if ever hear these words then you really have a problem. No-one… No one in their right mind dates their brother! Thus for your sake, move on and erase from your mind virtually any hopes of getting romantic with her

2 . She Finds It Ok To Talk About Other Guys TO YOU

NOTE: In this case she is certainly not trying to playful and/or get you slightly jealous.

No! In such cases, she constantly comes to you to complain about her blended feelings for other guys, or even worse, discussing her existing relationships with you. If you are in this deep, give up being something more than a friend… maybe a one night stand if you acquire lucky.

Let me explain when you reach a point where she’s comfortable enough to talk to you about guys she wants then in her mind you will never be one of those guys!

And therefore she will never feel emotionally attached to you in that way and that is why, unfortunately, you would be the ideal booty as there would be no mental attachment to complicate the physical nature of this arrangement.

3. “I Love The Way I Am NOT FRIGHTENED To Tell You Anything. “

These words are only best when you have been in a relationship with the girl for a while. In any other case this is generally a warning sign that you are entering or have inserted the sortir de la friendzone.

Let me explain…

As a general rule of most women shy away from revealing everything to a guy they really like, they usually hang on a little bit into a relationship before they feel comfortable enough to start out revealing their deepest darkest secrets. i. e. their particular anything.

So if you have become her human diary & you’re not even going out with her then wake up and smell the pink roses because you are firmly in the Friend Sector.

4. She Gets Into A Relationship… With Someone Else


This is a no brainier! If what you thought was your easiest vibe brought about this result then the scientific equation is straightforward:

You + Her = “Friends Forever”

5. “I Think Its Best If We Just Remain Friends”

The particular translation to this statement is simple:

“Hold your horses presently there buddy! You are already in my Friend Zone and that is why I can’t even imagine going out with you… Save yourself the trouble and get back to my Friend Zone where you belong. ”

Yes, this is a primary quotation of from the female dictionary… It is a bit of a tough but it sometime helps to be blunt!