Things to Know When Shopping For Discount Marine GPS

A universal Positioning System (GPS) has become one of the de facto “must have” electronic marine devices for every boat on the water. Some sort of marine GPS device provides two functions in particular in which, once you get used to, you will wonder how you ever managed with out.

First, it provides you essential information about where you are and how rapid you are traveling. Most marine GPS units will tell you what your location is within two to three meters of accuracy, how fast you will be traveling and how far you are from shore.

Second, almost all marine global positioning units allow you to set waypoints. A waypoint is a marker for where you are currently. This feature permits you to plot a navigation route through craggy rocks or maybe difficult waters, avoiding buoys, nets and other obstacles. Various waypoints form a route that you can save and employ as a guide for the inbound journey or re-use yet another time for safer and easier navigation to a favorite spot. Another great benefit of setting waypoints is that you can mark important finds whether this is an abundant fishing spot, a great deep-sea diving location or the position of a wreck.

By overlaying traceur gps espion NAVIGATION waypoints with an integrated mapping tool or chart plotter, a marine GPS can give you a very precise picture of exactly where you have been, where you are, where you want to go and what lies in your path.

Ultra-precise GPS marine electronics include the addition of signals in the Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS). WAAS is software that was developed the Federal Aviation Administration to correct just about any errors. Satellites travel on an elliptical path in orbit around the earth. The calculations used to determine where you are hinge also on knowing exactly where the GPS satellites are generally. The orbital path of a satellite is disrupted by way of a score of natural phenomena, including space weather, typically the gravitational pull from the Earth and other factors. WAAS executes corrections for these factors, increasing the accuracy of the GPS DEVICE signals that your GPS receiver processes.

If your marine GPS UNIT is WAAS enabled (and most are these days) then you will benefit from this improved accuracy without doing a thing. You don’t have to launch it or subscribe to it. However , it is only available in America; so if you are sailing outside the US waters just know how the accuracy of your GPS may dip from better than a few to less than seven meters and possibly to less than twelve to fifteen meters. WAAS is a good feature to look for when shopping for discount maritime GPS.

WAAS enabled marine GPS can be mounted (fixed position) or portable (hand-held) systems. Hand-helds are useful when you leave the boat to visit a local hotspot on dry land, take a look at an island or simply find where you left your fishing boat in a large and unfamiliar marina. If you do intend to occurs portable GPS on dry land, then it is definitely worthy of paying more for one that comes with built-in maps because pursuing the compass point that is plotted as a straight line is hard on land, especially in urban areas or over mountainous terrain.