The Way to Get the Most Out of Your Television

See Television Programs Online.

Get ready to run the cable box a cheery “adios,” since we’ve entered the age of internet television programming. The very best part: Unlike your cable providers, online tv costs nothing.

Whenever your nerdy, techie friends frantically push their thick-rimmed eyeglasses around the bridges of their noses and pant, “It’s all about convergence, you know. All about convergence,” listen attentively to their tone even in the event that you don’t know their words. Broadband technology along with the ferocious rivalry between Google and Apple has hastened the speed of television-internet convergence nearly to the speed of light. If you can’t allow a week to pass with no dose of “Gossip Girl” and “Modern Family,” you know that you can see them online only 24 hours after they broadcast, and also the internet tv shows don’t stop for advertisements. You’re the evidence that it is actually all about convergence.

Online tv shows organized, categorized, rated, and prepared.

At least three big sites offer literally tens of thousands of films and tv programs-hundreds of tens of thousands, really. Obviously, the very best websites feature unusually favorable user interfaces and effortless lookup controls. Your merry friends probably can explain to you how you can order pizza via your computer as you watch the complete and uncut ancient episodes of “Star Trek.” Greater than the Library of Congress, the very best websites for internet Project Free Tv shows arrange their articles not just alphabetically but also chronologically, by genre, by celebrity, also by audiences’ rankings.

When the 3D flat screen goes up on your wall, you may choose to connect it directly to your keyboard and modem, because the content will be there. The sophisticated technology on the sites does come with a natural disadvantage: the best online television sites may overdrive older computers or fail on DSL modems. If you run afoul of those problems, only one word applies: Upgrade.

So, what about this “convergence” thing?

Priced at under $100, Apple TV is currently in stores. A compact little box full of wonder microcircuits, Apple TV brings you digital information on-demand, including applications from all the significant networks and also the hottest cable channels. From the jargon, Apple TV marks the place at which the internet and tv converge. Apple is the cheapest; Google is the most powerful. Due out just about any day, Google TV rings-up at roughly $300, and it provides fully searchable programming using more 100,000 films and programming from over a dozen of their most well-known networks. Both Apple and Google are hitting new arrangements with content suppliers virtually each single day, so the older cable box doesn’t have any prayer of keeping-up. The nerds are all right. It’s all about convergence.