Real Estate For Sale In Ilheus – Great Opportunities For Investment

Located about 430 km to the south of Salvador, Ilheus is a major town of Bahia. Aside from its talk of lovely beaches, it’s also famed for its rich history and cultural heritage. There are a number of historic buildings and tourist attractions .

Like all other places on the Bahia shore, Ilheus thrives on tourism. Real estate available in Ilheus includes houses, farms and land. The town is poised for major growth, which is very likely to lead to increased demand gated community plots in Bangalore that could push the costs up.

Ilheus includes a well-developed infrastructure and further developments are on the cards. The airport connects it with other significant towns of Brazil. It is also a port town and though the majority of visitors is related to agricultural exports, it does have a passenger terminal that’s frequented by cruise ships.

Ilheus is a pleasant and tranquil place to live in with an average temperature of approximately 24°C. There are many famous beaches only a short drive out of here. If you are looking for a house for your own use or would like to invest in real estate, the city presents a nice opportunity with potential for great capital appreciation.

Ilheus offers houses from R$700,000. Costs depend on the overall package and homes priced over R$1,300,000 will also be offered. On an average, a house should cost about R$933,000.

You’ll see excellent plots of land acceptable for producing one or more houses from costs as low as R$150,000. The average cost of a plot will be about R$423,000.

Farms are available from approximately R$900,000. Being a tourism center, hotel lodging is in demand and you may also get opportunities to buy small hotels.

In Ilheus, you will find some very good homes that are located in lovely sea facing regions in and around town. The homes are often big with four to five bedrooms or suites and are a part of gated communities.

You will get features like jacuzzi, barbecue, pantry, maid room, support area, laundry, employee quarters and storage facilities. You will almost always get a well-designed swimming pool, a sizable well-designed garden or lawn and space to park multiple cars. Condominiums will provide good round the clock security plus a few common recreational facilities.

Plots Of Land In Upscale Condos

In Ilheus, you will discover plots that are ideal for construction of houses. The plots with areas between 1000 and 5000 sq. meters are a part of well-developed and preserved condos in excellent seafront locations and offer all kinds of premium leisure amenities.


Being a city from where a lot of agricultural produce is exported, you can anticipate some fantastic farms and farmhouses around Ilheus. You will find farms with property dimensions of 50 hectares or more in places which aren’t too far from town. Farms often have multiple homes and facilities such as irrigation methods and water storage. You could also find attributes like toddlers and processing facilities for agricultural goods.