Hair Extensions

If it comes to hair extensions, a lot of confusing terms tend to be thrown around. This guide will clarify any questions that you might have about these conditions, and also help you choose which hair extensions are ideal for you or your clientele.

The expression Remi (or Remy) describes 100% human hair and it’s the highest quality available for hair extensions. Though this term has been overused in the last several decades, authentic Remi hair was held together by the time it’s originally gathered, ensuring the cuticle is aligned in 1 direction. That is an important distinction since, in the event the cuticles aren’t aligned and operating at precisely the exact same way, the extensions are deemed non-Remi, an awful merchandise. Additionally, non-Remi strands have been processed in an acid bath to strip away the cuticle leaving the hair longer damaged and fragile. The strands will initially seem glossy and smooth to the naked eye but after washing it will probably be more inclined to matt and tangle. In case non-Remi strands are employed at a permanent strand program like sexy fusion the outcome will be cuticles that rub together producing hair extensions which tangle and frizz.

It’s very important to be aware that Remi hair is may be categorized as either virgin bundles hair or non-virgin. There are two key differences between virgin and non-virgin baldness – therapy and price.

  • – non-virgin hair has been colored or has perhaps received any other chemical therapy, like perming
    – virgin hair hasn’t been colored or chemically altered at All, which makes it more desirable and expensive
  • When thinking about the extensions you may select for your self or for your customers, an important distinction needs to be made between Single and Double-drawn.

What, precisely, is Single or Double-drawn Hair?

Single-drawn hair includes hairs of varying lengths and frequently contains lots of short hairs. Some call this kind of hair “pre-cut”.

Double-drawn was hand-selected twice to get its long hairs. The outcome is fabulous hair using directional cuticle that’s even in length from end to end. This excess step from the sorting generates extension strands which are the most desirable for extensions that are beautiful.

Many Remi hair is out of India along with his highly regarded because of it’s good quality and tensile strength. In India this hair is often given to the temple and can be introduced to Hindu gods as gratitude for great luck.

Remy hair is currently available from Brazil, Europe and Russia. We understand however that lots of suppliers misrepresent the source and quality of these merchandise. The hair can readily be altered to resemble the feel of Brazilian flake, as an instance, or coated to conceal harm.

Just like most things in life, always look at that using hair product you get exactly what you pay for. In the event the Remi extensions you’re looking at are a good deal more affordable than many others in a similar market you’re likely to be suspicious. We recommend sticking with companies and brands which are known for promoting high quality. To put it differently, do your homework, examine score and testimonials, and speak to the Remi hair extension psychologist in person, if at all possible. They ought to be accessible and interested in answering all your hair extensions queries.