Diamond Wedding Rings

There are many things that may take a lady’s breath off or yanking her off her feet like a bouquet of red roses, a box of her favorite chocolates suddenly given, watching her favourite chick flicks without falling asleep and a diamond ring. Well, possibly skip the roses, roses and movies – putting a ring on it, and also a diamond one at that will usually take action.

As early as the 4th century BC, diamonds have been appreciated for their strength and brilliance and have been utilized in trade routes and used as payment for products. Diamonds served many uses in the old days as adornments, as talismans to get rid of evil spirits, as security during conflicts and even as medical guides considered to heal illness and cure wounds.

The use of rings on the other hand as symbols of devotion began from the time of the Romans who used truth rings to symbolize betrothal between couples. These rings, that were created from twisted aluminum or braided hair were worn on the third finger of the left hand and this positioning was very important since the Romans believed that the vein in the third finger, the vena amorous conducted directly to the heart. Wearing these rings, but didn’t always mean the couples were to have married. Occasionally they were exchanged as a indication of friendship or affection.

Engagement rings took on a more personal and significant part in 1215, when Pope Innocent III declared that there should be a waiting period between the betrothal and marriage ceremony and that the rings will symbolize the couple’s devotion to one another during the interim. It was also around this time that wedding rings were introduced as a significant part of wedding ceremonies. Ornate wedding rings and diamond wedding rings also represented social status as just the rich and elite were permitted to wear them.

This fascination with diamonds has been emphasized even more when compared to 1947, the famous diamond company De Beers commissioned the services of top marketing company NW Ayer who came up with the now immortal motto “Diamonds are Forever” and because union should continue forever, what additional gemstone can symbolize that notion better compared to the diamond? Therefore, diamond wedding rings became the supreme symbol of commitment – a symbol of eternal love.

Also, the fact that diamonds could be cut in a lot of shapes and exhibited in a variety of settings made it more of a popular choice for engagements and weddings. A three-stone setting particularly, is broadly given during wedding anniversaries because the 3 stones are thought to represent the past, present and future of your relationship. When it’s put in a prong or station setting, in gold, platinum or gold, these wedding rings are certain to help a woman realize her lifelong dream.

And lastly, the best reason perhaps is it takes a whole lot of work and time to produce the ideal diamond, which is similar to the way it also requires a lot of time and effort to create a relationship work, so making it the perfect sign of a perfect relationship. Get more information visit us