A Guide to the Highlights of Romania

Brasov is one of the most well-known places in Romania that’s enriched with prosperity and historical attractions. It is situated on the famous trade routes and connected by fascinating roads and prosperity, spread over the entire country. The city has many forts and built in line with the medieval tradition. The city has a powerful political influence in Romania. The German influences are easily observable in the city. It’s among the renowned tourist places in Transylvania. You’ll find outings and trips most exciting in this city. Visitors would love visiting this place as romanticism enthralls the whole city. The frigid weather adds comfort to your journey. Start Brasov tourism together with all the Town Hall Square and you will be amazed by the baroque constructions and brightly colored walls. Dark church, the greatest catholic in Romania, should be visited. The great fire that broke out years ago in this city blackened its own walls. You’ll learn a lot more when you go to the place carefully. The fortified churches, rolling fields, mountains and thick woods will catch your heart.

There are various citadels and your vacation in Romania is improved by the beauty of this city. The Council Square consists of stone walls that are decorated with intricate churches, buildings and is reportedly a part of the fairy tales that we read in books. The lined red-roofed merchant homes, with the beautiful scenery are a nice place to go to. The Old Town Hall stands in the central portion of this place and also the museums depict the history of this area. The Graft Bastion exhibits the medieval art of town and is a rest area for the visitors. The leveled structure is of great attraction within this place. Situated on a hilltop you have the view of the beauty and scenery of the places around. White Tower situated near the Graft Bastion is an excellent old view of the town. Blacksmiths Bastion is famous and earliest in this area. Catherine’s gate has survived from the medieval times and still stands as a fantastic tourist spot.

Your vacation in Romania becomes appealing once you visit the mouth watering food in restaurants and hotels. The gates and temples are attractive besides the adorable sceneries. Mix with the regional people and get the aroma of finest beauties and character within this city. Love the mountains and hilly areas along with the mystic atmosphere. Eat the food and dance to the music to enjoy the vacation to the max. Pay a visit to this place to leave an impression about the city of Romania and mark a new beginning in your lifetime. Visit on our blog podróżniczy for more information.