The Truth About Food Allergies

As customers, we have begun to consider meals labeled “natural” are healthful and healthy. We have been led to see them as healthy, fantastic food choices that are healthy for us to consume. The fact is quite different from this perception. Who’s control over disclosure in this situation, what exactly does “natural” food actually mean and what do customers think it means?

The FDA has a wide definition for what could be known as “natural” from the food world, which enables food manufacturers to deceive the consumer into believing they are making healthful choices when they select foods labeled “natural”.

The fact is that “natural” may mean anything. Natural foods could be processed foods that contain real all-natural ingredients which were processed to artificial ingredients. Natural foods can contain ingredients which are derived from crops which were developed from GMO seeds and are treated with nasty substances like pesticides and compounds processed using artificial sweeteners.

Meat and poultry (including eggs) tagged as “natural” may come from animals which were fed GMO wheat and corn, provided antibiotics and other medications, provided artificial growth hormones, which were raised in restricted quarters at a factory farm atmosphere. This restricted environment increases the stress from the creatures, and generates increased amounts of cortisol from the meat. Cortisol increases the amount of inflammation within the body that promotes illness and premature aging; those elevated amounts of cortisol have been passed on to you once you consume this meat and poultry.

Consumers feel that “natural” should mean something quite different and ought to be a word they could trust when making conclusions concerning what food to purchase. According to the outcome of a recent customer survey from the Consumer Reports National Research Center, U.S. users think that the “natural” label on foods means that they could expect that no chemicals were used during processing, so no poisonous compounds were used, no synthetic ingredients or colours have been used, and no GMOs were utilized. The purchasing public also believes that it means, relative to poultry and meat products, the creature wasn’t given growth hormones or antibiotics and other medications, which their feed didn’t contain genetically engineered organisms and synthetic ingredients.

The purchasing public has been duped for gain, and with no “organic” label, that can be controlled and confirmed by the United States Department of Agriculture, there aren’t any limitations on how the animals were raised or that which could enter meals labeled “natural.”

Too many men and women believe they are avoiding poisonous pesticides, artificial growth hormones, and GMOs if they purchase food labeled “natural.” We want honest and meaningful labels which let not confuse the customer.

It is misleading, and lets them fool the general public into believing they’re making healthful food choices when they aren’t!

We are in need of truth and transparency within our food tagging not ignorance and confusion. Call on the government agencies which should guard you to do exactly that!