There are quite a few business sites during the past several weeks addressing the demand for cheap sunglasses for budget-minded customers. A number of the posts incorporate the frequent thread of Luxottica’s dominance of the eyewear market, a dominance which many think has resulted in astronomical cost increases that have considerably exceeded the speed of inflation. Reading them wondering why many men and women believe purchasing a pair of sunglasses must break your bank.

It’s our position that dividing the lender isn’t vital. We establish as much with all the goods we market. By way of instance, retailers can purchase our wholesale Fashion Sunglasses for approximately $2.00 each pair. In spite of the generous markup which makes retail eyewear so financially profitable, end users may still get a fantastic set of sunglasses for under $40. One of our merchants may even market a $2.00 set of eyeglasses for $20.00 and make decent money.

So why is it that people spend tens of thousands of bucks on a set of sunglasses that they can get for a whole lot less? You can find just as many reasons as there are eyewear buyers. Below are the best three.


When there’s 1 thing we’ve learned as a eyewear designer and wholesaler, it’s this: branding is what. A free-market market like ours requires organizations to set themselves apart from the competition at every conceivable manner. Yes, they really do it with quality and number, but they also take action through branding.

As a subset of the fashion business, the eyewear market has done a very effective job of bettering some brands over others. More to the point, consumers are extremely loyal to their favorite brands. If a business can successfully convert a paying client to a loyal client, that person will stick with this brand unless the firm behind it will something to pursue them off.

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Another thing that a free-market market does is conflate cash with status. To put it differently, our culture teaches us which you need to have cash to be considered effective. The final result is an overall perception that prosperity and standing go awry. If you don’t have cash, you don’t have any social status.

There are customers who pay tens of thousands of bucks for sunglasses because they consider doing this affords them a certain degree of status they wouldn’t like if they bought a less costly pair of sunglasses. If standing is the thing, you’ll pay almost anything to get it.


Ultimately, we must mention customer ignorance. Not many men and women understand how large and dominating Luxottica is in eyewear. They also don’t understand that firms such as Olympic Eyewear make sunglasses of equivalent quality but at reduced costs. And if people are dumb, they proceed with what’s familiar.

We’re pleased to state we are the firm behind reputable brands such as Air Force, Nitrogen, X-Loop, CG, Manhattan, USA, and much more. We are aware that our brands aren’t as readily recognizable as opponents like Ray-Ban, however they’ll be punctually. It’s merely a matter of getting our sunglasses to the hands of customers so they can determine they do not have to break the lender to safeguard their eyes and look great at precisely the exact same moment.

We might be an underdog from the designer eyewear business , however we do not plan to stay there for long. Together with your help as a retail vendor of Olympic Eyewear manufacturers, we mean to keep aggressively competing for that which we think is a wide-open sector. We hope you’ll join us.